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Neck Cushion
This neck cushion is the perfect addition to your gym equipment, save your neck from the rock hard..
Ex Tax: $22.73
Stirrup Handle
Get toned and build strength with this Stirrup Handle bar attachment for your home gym equipment.&..
Ex Tax: $22.73
Seated Row / Chinning Bar
Designed for back, shoulders, arms and numerous upper body exercises as well. Specification..
Ex Tax: $22.73
Ab Crunch Harness
This comfortable home gym equipment is the perfect solution for working your abs. Spe..
Ex Tax: $31.82
Tricep Bar
This tricep bar is ideal for use with most gyms. Specifications Heavy welded flange all..
Ex Tax: $40.91
Tricep Rope
With this home gym bar attachment you can do the heaviest press downs, curls, crunches, kickbac..
Ex Tax: $40.91
Revolving Straight Bar
Engineered to do triceps press downs, straight bar curls, upright rows, seated rows, arm pullov..
Ex Tax: $45.45
Revolving Curl Bar
This home gym fitness equipment is the solution for the maximum in peak contraction curling. ..
Ex Tax: $54.55
Multi Grip Handle
This home gym bar attachment is ideal for seated rows and lat exercises. Specifications ..
Ex Tax: $54.55
Heavy Duty Lat Bar w/ Swivel
This highly efficient design gives your back, shoulders and arms the maximum workout while using h..
Ex Tax: $59.09
Orbit Leg Extension/Curl Attachment for OBBFID2 Bench (OBBFID2L)
This attachment is an option extra for the OBBFID2 Bench. This Leg Extension and leg Curl attachme..
Ex Tax: $68.18
Orbit Preacher Curl Attachment for OBBFID2 Bench (OBBFID2A)
This Preacher Curl attachment an optional extra for the OBBFID2 Bench.  it is designed to iso..
Ex Tax: $68.18
D Handle Lat Bar
This bar attachment is a must for anyone who wants to build back muscles. Specifications ..
Ex Tax: $72.73
Body Solid Leg Developer Attachment for FID31 (GLDA1)
This Leg Extension and Leg Curl attachment is designed to work quadraceps and hamstrings and is an..
Ex Tax: $104.55
Orbit Lat Attachment for OBB770 Bench (OBB770LAT)
This Lat Attachment is an optional extra for the OBB770 Heavy Duty Bench and is ideal for sculptin..
Ex Tax: $108.18
Orbit Lat Attachment for OBB357A Bench (OBB357LAT)
This Lat Attachment is an optional extra for the OBB357A Bench and is a great addition to weights ..
Ex Tax: $108.18
Orbit Flat/Incline Bench (OBBKW01)
Perfect home gym fitness equipment for building and toning biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders..
Ex Tax: $108.18
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Olympic Dumbbell Handles (pair)
These dumbbell handles come in a pair and include 50mm collars (as shown in picture).  They a..
Ex Tax: $117.27
Body Solid Preacher Curl Station Attachment for FID31 or FID71 (GPCA1)
Add dimension and variety to your workout with this Preacher Curl attachment.  This is an opt..
Ex Tax: $118.18
Body Solid Leg Developer Attachment for FID71 (GLDA3)
The Body Solid GPDA3 Leg Developer Attachment is ideal for ultimate strengthening of the knee and ..
Ex Tax: $135.45
Paragon Leg Extension Attachment for LS513 (LS551)
This sturdy, Leg Extension Attachment is ideal for strengthening the knee, thigh, hamstring and Gl..
Ex Tax: $153.64
Paragon Preacher Curl Attachment for LS513 (LS550)
This sturdy, Preacher Curl Attachment is ideal for isolating the bicep muscles for maximum results..
Ex Tax: $171.82
Orbit Sit Up Board (TBP784)
Trim your waist with this adjustable Sit Up Board, great home gym fitness equipment. Description..
Ex Tax: $180.91
Orbit Flat Adjustable Bench (TBP604)
The simple, but very useful Flat Adjustable Bench can be used for many different work outs. Desc..
Ex Tax: $180.91
Orbit Training Bench (OBB159NA)
Get your body into shape in no time at all with the help of this training bench Specifications ..
Ex Tax: $180.91

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